January 27, 2006

Memo, on U'r Desktop or OnLine

WebLeOn's Blog, a site blogged by a widely online service researcher, and I enjoy the site much, updated an online services for publice these days -- MyStickies. By the extension, you can post your memo tips on your firefox screen, just as what we used to do on U'r computer's monitor. While the memo will be automatically save on your account page yet ash can, for later reviewing.

It attracted me by the screenshot, and had a try for it. Maybe it should make advanced on how memos would be save on the screen even the broswer windows are closed. Or how about makeing a cache for reloading the memo on screen next time user loads the same page? I believe there won't be more to login then review the memo tags again. Sharing machanism will be another challenge for it. User can easily carry out tags, notes, online post, and sharing by del.icio.us. Keeping the a spot of selling points on a memo tab modality, and playing jugglery on web 2.0 concept, maybe they won't go long. I removed the ware after 3 hours.

January 26, 2006

Technorati, A Powerful Blogging Tools?

Blogging looks like a great new challenge to me; and I’ve to learn all things from the totally beginning. I don’t even know what’re del.icio.us, trackback links, and tags, and what RSS is doing extra, before Dec. last year. Now here Steve Rubel brings me another new element in blogger’s world, they’d like to call it Technorati. Ha, it’s no doubt that blogger lives in a different space from the others; even they’re sharing a same resource – the internet. It’s comprehensible that although I maintain the internet, oob, maybe part of it as a networker, but never pay much attentions on what data traffics are sending over the network, and what people are doing or even making money with these traffics. Just as an architect who never knows what business people are doing right on the edifice built by him. Different working spaces, different worlds.

But I try to realize the blogger’s world as you see. There’s no way better than become one of them when you try to understand something, so I become a blogger, a blogger “beta” may more appropriate for me right now. And you found I’m doing not bad, right?

Steve, a Technorati fanatic listed Ten Technorati Hacks on his blog, including:

1) Subscribe to Tag Feeds
2) Use Technorati to Search Individual Blogs
3) It's All in the Watchlist
4) Integrate Technorati Into Your Browser
5) Put Technorati in Your OS
6) Ping Technorati
7) Take Technorati to Go
8) Put Technorati Backlinks Right Into Your Blog
9) Put Technorati Into Your RSS Aggregator
10) Conduct a Real-time Focus Group
I don’t think I have the experience to post comments on the post, but I used to find a example which has been great in that field when I try to enter it. I blog the post here for myself, or maybe for you guys who begin the journey to blogger’s world just now.

HTML Text Effects In Blogs

Kevin Aylward wrote the post talked about adding text effects by HTML tags on your blog in 2003. Maybe it’s too simple for advance bloggers, but as I treat as my blog posting dictionary, and it really seem to be helpful for the new bloggers as I am. I collected some of these tags on my blog, such as <blockquote> and <strike >, as you may have seen on the post “Opera is Enclosure too?” Here’re some hacks you could use right now.

Italics: <i> and </i>OR <em > and </em>
<b> and </b> OR <strong > and </strong>
: <u > and </u>
<strike > and </strike>
<a href="URL">Text</a>
: ™ (& + trade + ;) or ® (& + # + 174 + ;)
Quoted Text: <blockquote> and </blockquote>
Update: 2006-01-31
LineEnding: <>

Reds Book Final Place

News from Manchester United Official Web Site

Carling Cup S/Final 2nd Leg (agg:3-2)
Old Trafford, Wed 25 January, 2006

Manchester United 2
Van Nistelrooy (8), Rooney (51)
Blackburn Rovers 1
Reid (33)

United secured a Carling Cup final tie with Wigan at the Millennium Stadium on Sunday 26 February with a pleasing 2-1 victory over North-west neighbours Blackburn at Old Trafford.

Goals from Ruud van Nistelrooy and Louis Saha cancelled out Steven Reid’s strike and handed the Reds a 3-2 aggregate win and a third visit to Cardiff in three years.
Should I be happy or not?

MU fans used to celebrate the victory of the Premier and Championship League.
And now, we're so exciting for entering
Carling Cup final.
The cup, which we nearly forgot in last ten years.

Maybe we should learn to find blessedness in a simple victory all over again. To me, I loved MU ever since the time of KING Cantona, and victory is not the reason I love MU so much, nor BECK either. And I believe 90% of the MU fans love MU because they can see a "Never Give Up" spirit on the players. Have they lost the tradition now? From the match beaten by Man City, the last goal by Man City, I believe so. Or even earlier, the match in Portugal. It hurt me the most.

RED Evil will never be a real RED Evil unless the
"Never Give Up" spirit come back, it make them as grisly as Evil before their competitors. When will it come back? May be next match, or next season? Or maybe right here from the match we smooth Liverpool at the last minute.

January 25, 2006

Opera is Enclosure too?

What's wrong with the Internet, or may be being so unmannerly to say:
What's wrong with the god damn CTelecom?
When will be the end of this hide-and-seek game?

Update: 2006-01-26

Mm......after double checked about the links on that post, and modified for several times. It seems I used some links that blogspot does not support here, maybe concern about copyrights or something. Maybe it's none of CTelecom's business this time. The post really makes me so tired for it.....

BlogSpot keeps it's maintains on Jan.

Blog*Spot keeps it’s maintains on Jan. and there up to be 4 times this month.

Is it making guys anxious or being gratified for such a laborious BSP? By the same way, del.icio.us has made several emergency maintenances in these few days. Ceta.Mac is new for blog*spot and del.icio.us, but I love them both in a short time, and hoping their service being steady. I’m afraid I have not enough free time to care for my blog, and keep backing it up.

If you would wonder how to backup you blogspot posts, look for ecmanaut’s post which telling you the way besides blogger themselves recommend backing up your posts by changing your templates.

Quote from Blogger Status:


Tuesday, January 24, 2006
We'll be taking Blogger down on Wednesday the 25th at 4pm PST to fix a bit of a switch that's gone wonky on us. The outage should last about 15 minutes. Blogger.com and Blog*Spot blogs will be inaccessible during this time.This repair will fix the problem that caused the brief outage last Friday night. We're also using this down time as an opportunity to tune our databases for more efficient spam catching and deletion.

Monday, January 16, 2006
Over the weekend, some users were seeing generic "unexpected error" messages when attempting to log in to their accounts. That problem has been patched as of about 10 AM this morning (PST), so if you were affected by it your account should be working normally again now. If you still see the error, just clear your browser's cookies, then log in again.

At 6am, some Blogger users suffered a 10-minute outage while a database took a nap. We apologize for the inconvenience while we continue to improve our service.Update: After some early morning investigation, we further pinned down and isolated the issue. We will be taking steps this week to ensure this particular problem does not occur again.

Thursday, January 12, 2006
Blogger will be down for ~10 minutes this afternoon at 3:30pm PST, for some network maintenance.Update: This outage has been cancelled.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Some users are seeing "No space left on device" when attempting to publish. We're looking into this error and hope to have it resolved shortly.Status: This has been resolved.


January 24, 2006

Google with Manchester United?

news.com issued that google may replace Vodafone to be the new sponor of Manchester United, the greatest soccer club of the world. The biggest searching engine go with the biggest club, would they really come together and become the next big couple in Britain?

Well I'm personally expecting the sponsorship come ture, and united both brand I love most together. That must be fantastic to combine MU and Google.

Vodafone announced that it is ending its four-year deal to have its logo on the British soccer club's shirts even if only half the time specified in the contract has passed. According to Vodafone, at the end of the current soccer season the contract between the mobile operator and the soccer club will also end.

But the club's new owners, the US-based Glazer family, who won their controversial £800m takeover bid earlier this year, are now believed to be in advanced talks with some of the biggest global brands - many of them from the high-tech industry - about replacing Vodafone.

The Vodafone contract involved sums up to $15.5 million; the bidders interested in this "partnership" and willing to offer a huge amount of money are Google, IBM and Yahoo, according to a report this weekend in British newspaper The Observer.

The paper, citing City sources, said the Vodafone brand is not well known in the US and the termination of the deal gives the Glazer family the opportunity to bag a bigger global brand that will help give Manchester United a higher profile in the US.

Some of the other non-tech brands believed to be in talks with the football club include Coca-Cola and Levi Strauss.

Alternative Managing BitTorrent Traffic

It’s interesting when ISPs are talking about how to decrease the influence and slowdown the speed of Bit Torrent, maybe other peer to peer downloading technologies such as Gnutella, eDonkey are involved, from their network. Denying any traffic generated by all P2P soft gonna be the best choice for them, but it’s not the trend or sensible solution, right? Yet Alberto-Escarlate wrote an article which talking about How to configure routers to allow fast BitTorrent downloads on thep2pweblog.

I wanna to blog this page long time before. Since I’m a BT user but at the same time provide performance optimization solutions for ISPs, it seems a bit awkward for me at this position. It’s lucky for me to obtain inspiration from Opinmind, a site at where you can search positive and negative opinion for a same thing. So I make it in an “Opinmind Style” and post both positive and negative alternative ways to manage the BT traffics.

Now here comes how to decrease the BT traffics, I’d like you to know this as “manage” to be more appropriate. We usually use a NBAR to manage network traffics.

Procedure: CEF should be enabled and download PDLM for Bit Torrent from Cisco to your TFTP server, this example I illustrate here has been connected to a TFTP server with an IP address with

1.) Copy the PDLM into the router's flash:
router#copy tftp flash
Address or name of remote host []?
Source filename []? bittorrent.pdlm
Destination filename [bittorrent.pdlm]?
Accessing tftp://
Erase flash: before copying? [confirm]n
Loading bittorrent.pdlm from (via FastEthernet0.1): !
[OK - 4125 bytes]

Verifying checksum... OK (0xA1BF)
4125 bytes copied in 0.192 secs (21484 bytes/sec)
router#sh flash:

System flash directory:
File Length Name/status
1 9773168 c1700-mz.123-10.bin
2 4125 bittorrent.pdlm
[9777424 bytes used, 6737644 available, 16515068 total]
16384K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)

2.) Reference the PDLM in the config:
router#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
router(config)#ip nbar pdlm bittorrent.pdlm

3.) Create a class-map and policy map and apply it to the interface concerned:
class-map match-all bittorrent
match protocol bittorrent
policy-map bittorrent-policy
class bittorrent
interface FastEthernet0/1
no ip address
ip address
ip access-group to-internet in
ip nat inside
service-policy input bittorrent-policy
speed 100

Basically, within the policy-map bittorrent-policy, the action for any packets matching that protocol arriving on the fa0/1 interface was to DROP them. Packet manipulation is possible by setting the precedence bits, etc for further processing down the line. But in this instance, the packets are set to be dropped as soon as they arrive on the fa0/1 interface.


NBAR functioned on how to action packets that matches the protocol criteria required. It has its niche within the QoS crowd where specific applications are given precedence or not as the case maybe depending on the network requirements at the time of the implementation. NBAR allows recognition of a wide variety of applications where QoS may be implemented on them, i.e. from the bandwidth intensive Citrix to the port changing Kazaa application.

NBAR allows the classification of protocols from layer 4 to 7 hence allowing the router in some respects to disregard its layer 3 positions and to look at the high layer protocols. NBAR can recognize:
-- Statically assigned TCP and UDP port numbers
-- Non-UDP and non-TCP IP protocols
-- Dynamically assigned TCP and UDP port numbers. Classification of such applications requires stateful inspection; that is, the ability to discover the data connections to be classified by parsing the connections where the port assignments are made.
-- Sub-port classification or classification based on deep packet inspection; that is, classification by looking deeper into the packet.

NBAR can classify static port protocols. Although access control lists (ACLs) can also be used for this purpose, NBAR is easier to configure and can provide classification statistics that are not available when using ACLs.

NBAR includes a Protocol Discovery feature that provides an easy way to discover application protocols that are transferring an interface. The Protocol Discovery feature discovers any protocol traffic supported by NBAR. Protocol Discovery maintains the following per-protocol statistics for enabled interfaces: total number of input and output packets and bytes, and input and output bit rates. The Protocol Discovery feature captures key statistics associated with each protocol in a network that can be used to define traffic classes and QoS policies for each traffic class.

The router (depending on model and IOS version) has built-in in NBAR functionality which may be seen when configuring NBAR:

router(config-cmap)# match protocol ?
router# sh ip nbar port-map

This will demonstrate the ports and IP protocol of the various protoocols present.


An external Packet Description Language Module (PDLM) can be loaded at any time to extend the NBAR list of recognized protocols. PDLMs can also be used to enhance an existing protocol recognition capability. PDLMs allow NBAR to recognize new protocols without requiring a new Cisco IOS image or a router reload, hence PDLMs allow the router to gain the functionality of recognizing applications at the application layer for the protocols which when the router was shipped, was either not available or have changed in its function so much that an update is required.

There are a number of examples, such as Citrix, Skype, Bittorrent, eDonkey, etc. This type of traffic would have been hard to classify using standard QoS techniques, either to minimize the impact of such programs on bandwidth, to drop them or to allocate the most amount of bandwidth to. PDLMs give the router this added ability to recognize the traffic specified by it as well as some other types of traffic pre-defined in the IOS.

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January 23, 2006


My previous post talked about the other ways for browsing blogspot. Then I found abnormal to access this page, even cannot connect to my feed on feedburner. Everytime I tried to access my blog, the browser reported an error that "Connection to the server has been reseted". So I make a troubleshooting by feedburner today, when I check for the links in my blog pages and find that the link to download Ultrasurf is Enclosured. So I deleted the link and everything got right!

I'm sorry for deleting the download link from it, but I think you can find it by google easily.

Investment by 2006 Eve

Up to now, I find three projects to be invested in 2006.

1. Training project signed with “GC” & “HBM” Last year, which continued thought the year round. What I’ll get from the project are the following:

-- Experiences in running a totally self control project for such Wally customers and partners. I used to act as an onsite trainer in previous training projects, but this time I assign the role to other talent trainers and act as a sales, project manager and business negotiator. It’s a totally new experience for me, not only require focusing the quality in training, but also the more important – handling and response for the cash flow. I made some mistakes and at the same time collected a great rule in doing business during the process, which I call it “To make a good deal, but not only a good selling”. I hope to share with you guys in my later posts.
-- Marked my name in the market. I’ve been great or even superlative in technique training field for the pass 3 years indeed. And I’ve got respect and praise from every one of my trainees too. But as you maybe know, marking your name in the market is another area of marking only in your trainees. One is on a personal level, and one is on a business level. I cherish with the friendship and relationship that established between each of my adorable students and me. And if I choose training as the way in running my business, then I have to expand the relationships to another area.
-- Cash margin for my company, of course. This contact leads 6 months long, as I mentioned before, mistakes making by me lead the margin drop to around 13%. Cash proceeds may be less than 5%. It maybe a galling deal to others, that why I announce it on this low-level order.
-- Another new contact from the same client and partner this year is coming nearly in months. I’m not 100% sure I will sign for this, but man is living upon expectation, isn’t? By then, I have to recount the challenge, time, and risk again, but apparently, its insignificance talking deeper here by now.

So, what’s the challenge? --
A 0.036m payment is waiting to be liquidated these few days. And I’m looking forward to dividing the bill into two pieces in paying process. Yes, I do. I will finish the payment as my first investment this year.

2. New operation for my business. I will try to find chances in the ASP market in 2006. Yes, it’s a misty model here. I still have no idea about the invest budget yet, because before doing this, I have to rebuild my team in this project. I hope it won’t surprise you if I tell you I am not very clear what an ASP have to do. Ha, the only thing I am thinking about is the IT outsourcing trend.

3. Building certification organization. Yes, the toughest one. But, adhere to the sequence; let’s talk about what I’ll get from the project first:

-- High self-fulfillment and self-identity. Why do we still need a certificate after training? Because we’re lacking of confidence, I straight out ultimate reason here. Can anybody suffice to judge on me if I’m full of confidence? That’s no one. Certification, degree, and qualification, they promote you nothing but psychology significance value. They are just entirely imaginary in substance, have ever heard of any qualification in being a certification organization? If you really heard about it, that must be the capability in their training system which can upgrade one’s ability substantially, but not certification itself. But there is someone who garble these two terms craftily. They mark themselves as a certification organization but never provide eligible training for the trainees. Sharp-cut inverse materials are the universities and education system in some country. They received huge bankroll from the country, and tuition fee from students in various ways. But never provide eligible education for the academician, all they’ve done is certification. Then millions of college graduate with certificate come into being, while which means millions of HR market vagrant have come out. All I want to do is make a little change of this complexion.
-- It accord with the marketing law. “It’s better to be first than it is to be better”. “If you can’t be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in”. “The most powerful concept in marketing owns a word in the prospect’s mind.”

Then talk about the challenge.
-- The most challenge me is the team member. I don’t think we can get common consciousness in business and corporation. Doing a tough work with guys who cannot be identified with, it seems nothing know from a road which direct to hell.
-- I’m not sure if I have enough time and energy to handle the ASP project at the same time. And I know both may failed if neither is doing in full spirit.