January 23, 2006

Investment by 2006 Eve

Up to now, I find three projects to be invested in 2006.

1. Training project signed with “GC” & “HBM” Last year, which continued thought the year round. What I’ll get from the project are the following:

-- Experiences in running a totally self control project for such Wally customers and partners. I used to act as an onsite trainer in previous training projects, but this time I assign the role to other talent trainers and act as a sales, project manager and business negotiator. It’s a totally new experience for me, not only require focusing the quality in training, but also the more important – handling and response for the cash flow. I made some mistakes and at the same time collected a great rule in doing business during the process, which I call it “To make a good deal, but not only a good selling”. I hope to share with you guys in my later posts.
-- Marked my name in the market. I’ve been great or even superlative in technique training field for the pass 3 years indeed. And I’ve got respect and praise from every one of my trainees too. But as you maybe know, marking your name in the market is another area of marking only in your trainees. One is on a personal level, and one is on a business level. I cherish with the friendship and relationship that established between each of my adorable students and me. And if I choose training as the way in running my business, then I have to expand the relationships to another area.
-- Cash margin for my company, of course. This contact leads 6 months long, as I mentioned before, mistakes making by me lead the margin drop to around 13%. Cash proceeds may be less than 5%. It maybe a galling deal to others, that why I announce it on this low-level order.
-- Another new contact from the same client and partner this year is coming nearly in months. I’m not 100% sure I will sign for this, but man is living upon expectation, isn’t? By then, I have to recount the challenge, time, and risk again, but apparently, its insignificance talking deeper here by now.

So, what’s the challenge? --
A 0.036m payment is waiting to be liquidated these few days. And I’m looking forward to dividing the bill into two pieces in paying process. Yes, I do. I will finish the payment as my first investment this year.

2. New operation for my business. I will try to find chances in the ASP market in 2006. Yes, it’s a misty model here. I still have no idea about the invest budget yet, because before doing this, I have to rebuild my team in this project. I hope it won’t surprise you if I tell you I am not very clear what an ASP have to do. Ha, the only thing I am thinking about is the IT outsourcing trend.

3. Building certification organization. Yes, the toughest one. But, adhere to the sequence; let’s talk about what I’ll get from the project first:

-- High self-fulfillment and self-identity. Why do we still need a certificate after training? Because we’re lacking of confidence, I straight out ultimate reason here. Can anybody suffice to judge on me if I’m full of confidence? That’s no one. Certification, degree, and qualification, they promote you nothing but psychology significance value. They are just entirely imaginary in substance, have ever heard of any qualification in being a certification organization? If you really heard about it, that must be the capability in their training system which can upgrade one’s ability substantially, but not certification itself. But there is someone who garble these two terms craftily. They mark themselves as a certification organization but never provide eligible training for the trainees. Sharp-cut inverse materials are the universities and education system in some country. They received huge bankroll from the country, and tuition fee from students in various ways. But never provide eligible education for the academician, all they’ve done is certification. Then millions of college graduate with certificate come into being, while which means millions of HR market vagrant have come out. All I want to do is make a little change of this complexion.
-- It accord with the marketing law. “It’s better to be first than it is to be better”. “If you can’t be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in”. “The most powerful concept in marketing owns a word in the prospect’s mind.”

Then talk about the challenge.
-- The most challenge me is the team member. I don’t think we can get common consciousness in business and corporation. Doing a tough work with guys who cannot be identified with, it seems nothing know from a road which direct to hell.
-- I’m not sure if I have enough time and energy to handle the ASP project at the same time. And I know both may failed if neither is doing in full spirit.


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