February 07, 2006

Who Flop in Web2.0

Being a third party independency or integrated into Big Bands in Web 2.0 A Web2.0 competition? A Web2.0 Companies Wide Sight from Steve Rubel, let's guess which of these social companies which built with Ajax and whose business model is dependent on advertising, will flop or be dumbest in the up coming 2006.

According to my competition views, which I'd hope to write about later. Technologies such as using CSS, or Alax, or Table on website and amazing ideas, are just far from companies' development or keep alive. All of them were great companies with good idea and technique, but they flopped. It ain't a well-thought-of company, even being even damned by others, but it's still on their road. On this level, Web2.0 may not be a main reason but tactics in competition acts the certain role, as there in other biz field.

How you identify the Web2.0 Online service make this break. What is a expecting Web2.0 Internet for you? It means a totally packaged service solution provided by one Big Bands, or distributed services on hundreds of single sites for you to customize your own service suite? And what the companies think of themselves? From the Big Bands sight, a conformation service will be main furture of a Web2.0 internet, by self development, by acquisition, or how about some kinds of OEM? No matter what's the modality they will use, a ONE WEB2.0 Internet, ONE YAhoO / ONE GooGLE is what they're thinking aoubt. I'm not implying there won't be another Google or something, guessing who flops, so we need to find out who lives longer than others. From this point, it maybe better to ask "Which of Them will be chosen by Yahoo next?" Yes, I love feedburner, and one of them will act as feedburner. And if you think about the rest of aliving space after allocated between the Big Bands. Will the companies choose to be Achilles or member of Arthur's knight team?


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