February 04, 2006

All about the Years. Was 2005 a corner?

I wrote this topic before, but it is interrupted by some reasons. Well, I’ve though about writing with some other one together with whom I share most of this exciting and unforgettable memories. Ha, time changed, just as man’s characters and relationships. In the circumstances, I rewrite this myself. Yes, I’ve to learn to face and handle everything by oneself first, and then I could call up others to build the team. Otherwise, there’s no one would lie on me.

I felt so lucky the last several years before 2004. I earned my first 10,000 when I was still in the college; I became one of the top technical instructors when I was 22; I cannot wait to setup my owned company before graduate; I then found the branch in a totally unacquainted city all by myself. After 18 months, when I leave it, the branch has become the regional leader in the biz area. Except for the fortune, I though I climbed to the top of the life.

However, the 2005; it has been a tough year for me. I was traded out and I broke away from the company I setup. And I leave the city where I earned my first bucket of gold, much more than the standard in universalism. I tried to setup another company in another field, but just met stagnancy. I have to say: I am hurt, so completely. I left no more than 3,000 in the neap period, in the habitual but still strange city. Yeah, thanks for my affectionate wife stay with me to counterwork with the life. And I think about this guy:

I started to doubt if it’s the end of luck, or just like an old friend said: one blow will tumble you for years. I remember these words in deep of my heart. That’s why I keep walking even achieved my elementary ambition when others cannot believe I made it in such age. I told myself getting more and working harder in my days, so I will get deposit in adversity. The question gonna to 2005 was really the corner for me?

Ha… Of course not, did you recently see the Reebok’s advertisement acted by Iverson? Ah, how long we’ve forgot this brand? And how long it has been, when we though about the sports article, only Nick and Adidas would come into our mind. Now, Reebok come back, with being beaten black and blue. Ha, I judged from the advertisement. Yes, black and blue or red and green is not the point, the point is even being beaten black, blue, red and green, it still comes back to us. It rises to its feet again.

I am what I am, and I would love to say I am where I am.
Frustrations make me pullulating from a lucky boy to be ripeness as a man, and injury tag the man as a warrior. 2005 was a corner for me, a corner in the line of my life as if a "√"


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