January 19, 2006

Stay in the 5Ws you're

Stay in the 5Ws you’re.

“You’re not breathing, every time you get in the pressure, and you’re holding your breath. Now stop doing that.” —— Collected from “Million Dollar Baby”

Almost every day, we face to the pressure, worry, and other negative emotions, more or less. Maybe the guys like me who running self business face more. It may not be helpful if you try to escape from these emotions, or simply tell yourself to be positive. Negative and positive are a coin’s two sides; they come together with our choice for life. The first day I chose to found my own company, then means I chose more fortune (maybe) and more pressure and challenges. Negative emotions come because you chose the other side of the coin. Am I happy for my choice? Yes, I am. So, I will enjoy the elements which my happy choice brings in my life, maybe positive, maybe positive.

I am not talking about how to handle pressure here, you cannot handle pressure, and the only way you stay with it is the only way you stay with your fortune. What’s the way you stay with your fortune? Enjoy it. Yes, so if you can enjoy your fortune, vice versa. Until now, people do not prove whether fortune brings the pressure or pressure brings the fortune. Remember they’re the two sides of a coin, yes?

Life is journey to the mountaintop, there’re ascents and downhill paths on the way long, yes, two sides of the coin. I believe when we get to the mountaintop, the sceneries won’t gap much. We share and enjoy the same sceneries. Things we worth to aftertaste, are the things we fall across only by ourselves. That must be the ascents and downhill paths on the road, and both sides of the coin.

What is the 5Ws you’re?
---- When are you at the moment?
---- Where are you on the earth?
---- Who are you staying with?
---- What are you doing in this very snippet of your life?
---- Why you choose this branch path?

You’re the only one who own them all, so why not have a deep breath, then enjoy to the top of your bent?


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