January 17, 2006

A Time tagged "beta"

Go to google, it's easy to find such many "beta" tags on the site. Gmail "beta", Google Reader "beta", Google Talk "beta"........everything on google tagged "beta" except search engine and blogger, oh thanks god. Well, Ceta may doubt if these are “beta" services or google is just simply a "beta" company? Woo......some guys think google is the god of the internet, if both of the above are approved, can we make a further conclusion that the internet we're connecting on is just a "beta" programme? And how many percents of your life rely on it, that means how many percents of your life is a "beta". It may be an afflictive word. But just search around on the other sites, flickr "beta", msn messenger "beta", Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware "beta".

A time tagged "beta" has come, and may we should develop the new living skill in this new age. When every little thing filled in our life has been tagged "beta", maybe you could call it “Ceta's time age”. :D I also tried a "beta" post yesterday, which used "U" instead of "you" and "U'r" instead of "your", but as you're reading this, I give it up. :)

Every time I developing my new skill on things, I change my view and feeling first, in order to face them fairly. If the "beta" tag makes me uncomfortable, that’s because I identify it as a semi finished article and full of bugs. Think a little deeply, "beta" tag give me no sureness. How to make a break through? -- Re-identify the “beta” tag. The main reason make this popular "beta" tag is nothing but speed, the internet offer the speed for it. Internet is a lab for fangled testing, it provides million of Connors for your fangled, it maybe the fastest way to find out the bugs, and consummate your service by publishing your fangled on the internet for frees (trying for free). It's so fast as to forget picking off the "beta" tag. An idea is converting to be praxis in internet speed. You don’t even need a “beta” code or something, just an good idea, publish to the net, buildup a project, other people will provide you the code, suggestion, and even funds you may need to develop the project.

Then what's the new qualification for a "beta" age? What I do is just simply tagging myself a "beta". When you want to do studies in new fields, are you still planning, discussing, designing, and then make an action schedule? You may do these except you could finish them all in a day. If you insist to the flow processing just as what you are doing in the 4 years college days, forget them all, and just do it. Otherwise you may found the fields are completely disappearing or nothing like what it formerly being when you finish all of your researching. Learning will not be an isolated processing any more; learning will be an integrated processing through out designing, implementation, operation and optimization. You cannot stop learning in this process as you can learn nothing before you start to “beta” this process.

Willing to be a blogger? Then blog it!
Willing to start your own business? Then build it up!
You will learn on the way.


At 1/17/2006 06:32:00 PM, Anonymous jason said...

seems that the last part is writing for me...but any way, you worked it out and hope i will too...

At 1/19/2006 02:31:00 AM, Blogger Ceta Mac said...


At 7/04/2006 06:22:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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