February 19, 2006

Cocomment, alternative blog tracking and publishing host?

coComment - Forums / Cocomment, alternative blog tracking and publishing host?: "I'm not sure I am not thinking in an evil way. What I found out from cocomment blogs Rank is that the most commented blog will be display in a bigger font size tag. Ok, if one who writes a new post on his/or her blog, as soon as then make a comment on the his/or her own blog with the same content, what is it mean? ............. I'm not sure image will be insert into cocommentosphere, up to now, if you plan your blog as a pure text one. You know what I mean."

Apple - iPod - Features

Apple - iPod - Features

Which iPod model do you guys used to choose? I'm think about owning one these days, for.............ah, a bigger excution, researching.

Apple - iPod + iTunes

Apple - iPod + iTunes

The best padcast search engine I've ever used. Download itune for free, and then you're manage your podcast collection in your personal media center. I use sage for RSS and itune for podcast.

February 17, 2006

Coverting into a pure Biz Blog

Technical Topics will be moved and posted to my new blog, cetamaxlab.blogspot.com

February 15, 2006

What if You Find the Blog Never Update?

Maybe I'm looking for a more effective blogging way this time. I keep my blog update everyday, and I'd love you to find out here.

RyanB, give me lots of useful suggestion here, and we are in "hot" chating

February 13, 2006

digg - Submit Item

Green peace, is trying to rescue our earth when it’s in the disease is not curable, how about our new born but sicken visual world? Will another edition of “heal the world” be singed again? If you can not stop from lead a luxury life in your real life, I’m here to calling you lead a simple life in your visual life.

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February 12, 2006

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February 11, 2006

Calling for a Green Peace Web2.0 Internet

Calling for a Web2.0 Internet!
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BrainDump the Road Map for This Post:

I started in thinking about this early when people talked about rumor that yahoo would buy digg. Yet my viewpoint there, was 100miles away from anything about the “GreenPeace”, but presented my opinion on the possibility and a slight analysis about Web2.0 service suite competition between the Big Band S. It should be concluded into the thinking on the competition field.

The day after the upper post, Steve Rubel, brought me a wide sight of the web2.0 companies, though I'm not sure whether he owns the authorship of figure. We played a guess game there about who will flop or be dumbest web2.0 company in the up coming 2006. I thought it should be interested peoples, so I made a digg about the game. Well, maybe I did not topiced the title cool enough, I got seldom fellows. And Luckly, I collected some comments from Steve. I noticed that people judged their forecast by focusing on the technique used by the website, such CSS, XHTML, Ajax, and Table, JAVA Script. I'm not a professional web developer in honest. I run biz myself, and I believe deeply that technique is never the best to protect your alive in the business battlefield, and you’re given no permission to win in the game by owning a lofty technology. Why geniuses fall? A reason for that is they force again the trend in which there’re even more geniuses. Today, we are living on a planet contain with more than 6 billion human lives, indeed, Einstein is not regarded as singularity resource. I'm not talking about technic is nothing but shit, contrarily technic is much important for the first step. But then you have to run with the trend, what google had done these days must proved me more........I'm sorry for being too much for this, one more sentence for concluding my points here. I respect the guys who being so brave to try to be Achilles then fight with Arthur's knight team, and will pray for their success heartily.

Yes, I know you may begin feel no hope that I will circle back to the title. I deduced “conformation”, the sharp of the web2.0 Internet from that day. I had told you how I wrote my blog previously. And posts from Mike and jzawodn leaded me to the checkpoint. Surprise you, but I have to say: today’s Internet maybe the largest garbage and ridiculous being in the world. It's nothing but a monster that licking up resources as cetacean and murdering human creations. I like Mike's cute style:
Because despite what you might read, blogging by today's standards, with today's technology is just a terrible mess.Look no further than the industry of vendors and service providers that support bloggers. By my estimate, which is a conservative one, there has to be a separate blog "management" tool for every finger I have, plus a few toes too. Case in point, there are tools to:
Does it terrify you? I'm afraid not so much. A one stop blogging solution is what they requiring for a web2.0 service provider. But it doesn't satisfild mine. I'm sure if listible will become a bright shinning web2.0 company or be another claw of the monster. At least, it drew a portrait for this Internet evil successfully. I pick one for your referrence here, "Online Calendars" which because I am seek a calendar for myself these days. Damn........ Can you image they list totally 17 website that provide this same service? Hay, come on, just a calendar, a table for marking down what you need to do at every future coming single moment, and checking back what you have done by the time slot that had gone with the wind. I try my best to find word for descripting the usage of it in order to make it seems acting an important role in our life. And I'm sure the actual number will be far from this since lisible being such a fresh startup. What the hell?

According the marketing theory, in the long run, every market becomes a two-brand race. The battle usually winds up between two major players, usually the old reliable and the newcomer. In a maturing industry, third place is a difficult position to be in. The customer believes that marketing is a battle of products. The kind of thinking keeps two brands on top. They must be the best, they’re the leaders. Then means there nearly be no chance for the ranked 17th provider to win in the calendar service market. Internet is the big market, and you can not divide it into pieces by geography as what you do in traditional market. Except for information is blocked factitiously that malfeasances in business competition appear, and that’s the only reason I think why Baidu.com could actually sweep Google in CHINA searching engine market. But Web2.0 is surely a world wild competition, so why they’re still here? And why they’re just wasting the Internet bandwidth, the GSR (A Model of Internet Core Routers Designed by Cisco) process, the Internet storage, the Internet domain/IP address, the funds, the human energy for paying attention on them one or twice; and the most valuable things they lost, their creative ideas in developing new service for Internet uses which means their opportunity cost; but they keep still? I think I have to explain the reason before a further discussion.

I hope I would make a curt explain from two totally separated theories, the Marketing and the Games. We look from the marketing first to look at why there’re still other search engine provider lives on degradation, even Google exist. Fist point, “If Google ranked the No.1, then who goes the second”? Give a surmise on what they’re thinking about. Whenever the leader is strong, there is an opportunity for a No.2 to turn the tables. In strength, there is weakness of the leader. The most effective way for competition must be discovering the essence of the leader and presenting the prospect with the opposite. For example, Google doesn’t provide mp3 search service officially, that’s why many people use Baidu.com instead of Google when want to search a mp3 song at here. Ok, try to protect our discussion away from debate of Copy Rights, least it’s a legal behavior in China. They try to be different not better. Some may present their products as the alternative to the leader. The first brand that captures the concept is often able to portray its competitors as “me too”. You always need a backup search engine for you right? No matter how strong is Google’s clustered server farm, remember the days before Google.CN is established? I pick Baidu.com up for sampling here because I really hate this site personally, for the duty ways it set Google up. If the Internet market would contain the maxims up to 2 or 3 search engine service providers, what they’re trying to be is the second. Yes, all of the strategies they performed on market are quite right; there isn’t yet an upcoming search engine be a alternative of Google significantly. But the time will come, when the younger brother is born, where will they go on else way?

If you think about in the game theory, the question goes to “Who Quite First”? A widely believed but ridicules alive philosophy for the dot com, the one who dead at the last, the one who had won all the passed. Competition between Web2.0 companies or between the company itself and their customers are just fix into Prisoner's dilemma then lead to Nash Equilibrium, which is a kind of optimal collective strategy in a game involving two or more players, where no player has anything to gain by changing only his or her own strategy. If each player has chosen a strategy and no player can benefit by changing his or her strategy while the other players keep theirs unchanged, then the current set of strategy choices and the corresponding payoffs constitute Nash equilibrium. What we’re talking about is calling for a more efficient and optimized Internet resources allocation, that lead to Pareto Optimality. But I’m afraid in the Prisoner's dilemma, and in the prisoner's dilemma, cooperating is strictly dominated by defecting. The unique or short term equilibrium for this game does not lead to a Pareto-optimal solution. That is, when two rational players both play defect even though the total reward (the sum of the reward received by the two players) would be greater if they both played cooperate. In equilibrium, each prisoner chooses to defect even though both would be better off by cooperating. This is the dilemma. So, who makes the break?

The answer gonna be “Everyone”, either be you or be the Web2.0 corp. We described the reason of Web2.0 companies’ strategy by separating into marketing and game theory (A subject being so close to economic). Now we keep the style to find the solution, sometimes I like to combine them both into one solution so that have a more consummate consideration. In the iterated prisoner's dilemma the game is played repeatedly. Thus each player has an opportunity to "punish" the other player for previous non-cooperative play. Cooperation may then arise as an equilibrium outcome. The incentive to cheat may then be overcome by the threat of punishment, leading to the possibility of a cooperative outcome. As the number of iterations approaches infinity, the Nash equilibrium tends to the Pareto optimum. Here’s some suggestion from marketing rules for the crops.

“It’s better to be first than it is to be better.” Create a category you can be first in. It’s much easier to get into the mind first than to try to convince customers you have a better product than the one that did hit there first. First brands tend to retain their leadership as the names often become generic. Regardless of reality, people perceive first products into the mind as superior. “If you can’t be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in.” Launch a new product that answers the question “first what?” What category is this new product first in? If above can not be a strong push for them, which would be such obstinate as same as I supposed, it’s your turn now. Marketing constructed the modem economic theory, who is marketed for? That’s no one else but you.

Before executing the rights the market endow with us the consumer, review ourselves first. How many Email box does each of us have registered? How many of them you’re using on hold and how many you even forget the password, because you never use again? We post our blog, so how much bloggging space you have own? How many files you downloaded by BT or Edonkey but leave them alone, and one day you deleted them for disk clean up “uncarfully”? By my estimate, which is a conservative one, a web surfer who have touch the net since 3 to 5 years ago, probably just using less than 10% of the online service he or she has registered. That means the rest of 90% service won’t be the thing worthier than rubbish to you. Can we evolve a little further, when every single human being, who composes the Internet, has a proportion up to 90% junk data, then what this Internet will be? Well, so kind of you in calling it garbage, because I don’t think you still keep things that 90% of it is unusable. So what? They’re free. Cool, but you defected once, punish is coming, remember it I mentioned before in the part of prisoner's dilemma? Don’t think about how much you’re paying for the Internet right now, it’s an uncertainty variable control by ISPs, but focus on how many ways they have created to take charge on you these nearly years. Maybe not charged directly on you, but on you company which you’re working for and where your incoming source is. I like to talk about MPLS/VPN, QoS, OSPF with other because I’m really be professional on these topics. But I prefer there were not these kinds of layer 2 and layer 3 tag switching VPN, sequence algorism, and link state routing protocol exist ever. They come into our life, take back our money because our rapacity but none of our requirement. Green peace, is trying to rescue our earth when it’s in the disease is not curable, how about our new born but sicken visual world? Will another edition of “heal the world” be singed again? If you can not stop from lead a luxury life in your real life, I’m here to calling you lead a simple life in your visual life. Unsubscribe the service you never need if the sites provide, cherish every online service that designed by our talents. It’s the only way for you to pay less but enjoy more. It’s the only way you build your green peace Web2.0 Internet.

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February 10, 2006

United Rule

I can wait to post this song, United Rule.
And the picture.........................................
See i will
Love the reds so much,
We are the team nobody else can touch,

I love them,
They’re the only team i like,
The other ones are shite, and now im gonna tell you how i feel.

f*ck peter kenyon and abromavich,
f*ck mourinho you son of a bitch,
f*ck kevin keegan, and f*ck franny lee
f*ck steve mcmanaman and f*ck man city,
f*ck leeds utd you’re down and your gay
f*ck norman hunter and f*ck eddie gray,
f*ck everton and f*ck you liverpool,
f*ck all you scousers,
Cause manchester rules.

Van nistelrooy,
play for the best team, with ferdinand and super roy keane,
Silvestre, and ryan giggs,
And we’ll never let the badge, dressed in red, 000000 and black,
We dont give a damn about no one else.

f*ck peter kenyon and abromavich,
f*ck mourinho you son of a bitch,
f*ck kevin keegan, and f*ck franny lee
f*ck steve mcmanaman and f*ck man city,
f*ck arsene wenger and f*ck arsenal too,
f*ck all the cockneys, we f*cking hate you,
f*ck everton and f*ck you liverpool,
f*ck all you scousers,
Cause manchester rules.

Rule rule united, rule rule united,
Rule rule united, rule rule united.

Now i hate,
the scousers,
and i hate liverpool,
they’re f*cking shite,
and united rule,
and chelsea,
who do u think you are?
its been fifty long years, and its gonna end in tears,
your never gonna be as big as man united.

f*ck barcelona and f*ck real madrid,
I’ve loved united since i was a kid,
f*ck bayern munich and ac milan,
f*ck deportivo and vasco da gama,
f*ck kevin keegan, and f*ck franny lee
f*ck steve mcmanaman and f*ck man city,
f*ck everton and f*ck you liverpool,
f*ck all you scousers,
Cause manchester rules.

Rule rule united, rule rule united,
Rule rule united, rule rule united,
Rule rule united, rule rule united,
Rule rule united. rule.
And if you like, here's a Video for your reference.

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    Other tagging solutions for blogger.

  • Official Google Blog: Chat Email = Crazy Delicious

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  • Google draws the sword to SEO.
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  • First fired for blogging, now quit to blog
    Ah, why didn't the authur invited his faimly to blog together?

  • I want a CoComment Beta Account
    Ah..........I didn't have a invitation code either, but I learned this service from kevins Blog, and leave my email on the site. And I got the invitaion code this morning. Well, it seems they a bit easy? Or think in honest and kind way, they will present the service for public register in a short coming future. I wonder if I will have another more inviting quota for others after applying the code for myself, just as Gmail. If so and you're interested in it but waiting for an invitation, leave your email add here.
    coComment is currently in beta. So what does that mean? First, it means we are a typical web 2.0" company. But beyond that, the beta label is here to remind you that we are still working on perfecting the existing functionalities and adding new features. The beta stage should last for another few months, and in the meantime we ask you to give us as much feedback as you can, and forgive us for the (hopefully infrequent) breakdowns in the service.
Update: 2006.02.09
I begin to love on this little blue “CO” button on my firefox. I believe it’s a useful tool to advance the Internet comment quality, especially for the comment poster who share their comment on their own blog. A little comment on it, a more widely blog URL supported ability would make it a better one. Comments even on blogger sometimes may not support while the blogger set the comment to be post on a new opening window. How about make an incompatible blog site submit page on coComment? And as I know, the system only collect the comments from coComment members up to NOW. That means more widely serve capability is urgent for their beta server. Well, after all, it’s absolute an amazing web2.0 service and pray for its being more and more successful.

Update: 2006.02.10

Links for 2006-02-09

  • Comment Feed Added - Freshblog
    It shows how to create your Comment feed and add it to your blog here. Which by setting up a filter in your e-mail to take original comments copy them, and forward them out to mailbucket, An experiment in alternative methods of email management. For now its only feature is a public email-to-RSS gateway: forward your email to slurp@mailbucket.org and have your news reader pick it up at mailbucket.org/slurp.xml (where you choose slurp, having checked that it's not already in use). Thanks for John
  • 's sharing.
Update: 2006-02-09
Make a little update for what I exactly do for my blog. I tracked John's post and it leaded me to Singpolyma's blog where the source of the upon post by john. I wonder how this Comment Feed maker publishing his comment feed himself. Then I tracked the link by the comment feed, and found out the way on ning.com. You can choose publish a single page comment feed or the whole blog by this apps there. Here is the steps............

February 09, 2006

Best Way for Browsing BlogSpot.com

Maybe it's hard to imagine, there're places in the world where couldn't open blogspot in normal way. I’m not interested in explaining the reason why blogspot is blocked, but no matter you believe or not, here're some ways for browsing the blogspot, and I use cetamac.blogspot.com for illustrating here. Some ways are collected from internet, you maybe track the links to find out where these places are.

The best way always comes the first: No proxy, no third party soft, no blogger support, Google Language Tools (http://www.google.com/language_tools)

You can simply use google language tools for translation single word, sentence, or websites, but did you find out it's not only a translation tools, but also a high performance almighty proxy server. Try to do a translation again. Go to google language tools page, input a website address you wish to make translation in the "Translate a web page" tab, and select your translate pair. I used http://cetamac.blogspot.com here, from english to french. Then click the "Translate" button.

Then wait a minute, as you see below, cetamac.blogspot has been translated from english to french. But the point ain't here, the point is we logged into blogspot and browse normally without any third party proxy or software.Yes, I know you would love to view in original language but not in a translated. This time, we choose the translate pair from spanish to english. Let's see what happened? —— The original page has being presented in your broswer. I leave a gift for yourself to find out here, a more amazing things will happens when you click the "Printable Version" link on the right side of google language bar.

Let's make some more optimization. You don't need to visit google languge every time before you want to visit blogspot.
In fact, you could just type the fllowing code in you browser's address bar:

then, you will be take to my blog directly.
We make some parameter explain here:
The Blue "en" identifies the oringal language of the website.
The Red "en" identifies the language you would like to translate into.

The Green segment identifies the website you would like to visit.

when both language pair are "en" means you access the website without translation.
SO, you could just copy the code above, input the website's url you would love to visit, instead of the green url.
If the website is in chinese, just simply change the "en"s to "zh"s, that's all.
Wish you have a smooth highway trip on the internet world.

Update: 2006.02.09
It's a Velarium for Internet browsing!
I posted other ways for browsing blogspot.com right after for this post. But I still recommand you to use google language for browsing, with making a
Velarium to protect your browsing freedom all around, as long as you keep browsing in the same browser process. Google Languge will automatically add it's "translate" prefix before the URLs for the translated pages which is out of google's clustering servers. It provides the function for translating the linked page as well you may click from the page you loaded at the first time. It then become the Velarium for Internet browsing.

Comment on Ripe for Consolidation

Blog and Feed Tool Vendors: Ripe for Consolidation (by Jeremy Zawodny)

Absolutely agree! Not only from the viewpoint of business competion, but also for the Internet resources efficiency.

What is a expecting Web2.0 Internet? It means a totally packaged service solution provided by one or two Big Bands, or distributed services on hundreds of single sites for users to customize their own service suite? I believe, comforming suite, but not distributing service will be web2.0 direction in the nearly future. And what the companies think of themselves? From the Big Bands sight, a conformation service will be main furture of a Web2.0 internet, by self development, by acquisition, or how about some kinds of OEM?

No matter what, I don't hope Web2.0 Internet gonna be the place where I still have to ppload pics to flickr then publish by blogger or Typepad/Wordpress, then tag it by del.icio.us or digging on digg, then search to confirm if Google/Yahoo index my post.......again and again........One stop solution, a web2.0 internet what I'm looking for.

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Escaped from being Judged as Spam

I opened another as for my ThinkPad yesterday, and posted 18 topics at once. I don't know whether I posted too fast or other reasons. It's judged as a potential spam yesterday, and I have to input a texture validation every time I created a new post and make a edition for the previous. I claimed for a review to google, and Escaped from being Judged as Spam finally. Woo......

Re: [#381955] Non-spam review and verification request: http://degame.blogspot.com Inbox
Blogger Support to me More options 6:30 am (6 hours ago)


Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and whitelisted so that it will no longer appear as potential spam. If you sign out of Blogger and sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Blogger Support

February 08, 2006

Links for 2006-02-07

  • gHacks » Opera 9 technology preview 2 released
    Yeah, I love the cool interface of Opera. My second choice next by Firefox. Do I really need three types of browser together in browsing one internet? Maybe yes for me. Because "internet" concept are different from every regional of the world.

Google is not Evil, While nor God

Read the news from Yahoo News several days ago, at the moment my reaction told this maybe my first standing oppositely with Google. In order to collect extensive comments on the web, I was not anxious to post my viewpoint, and kept it silent here. And now, it may be the time for me to say something about the news.

Google Agrees to Censor Results in China

Online search engine leader Google Inc. has agreed to censor its results in China, adhering to the country's free-speech restrictions in return for better access in the Internet's fastest growing market.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company planned to roll out a new version of its search engine bearing China's Web suffix ".cn," on Wednesday. A Chinese-language version of Google's search engine has previously been available through the company's dot-com address in the United States.
Being disappointed? More or less, that must for sure. We ever put the hopes on Google. But most of the comments pay a majority of attention on the searching result, with which noted:

“According to the local rule of law and policy, searching results are partially ensconced.” at the bottom of the page.
– I’m not sure the note is extra same with the original, and I believe there’s no original in English, so I make a translation here.

And delivered their points no more than the “Speech Freedom”, “Google’s flaccidity”, even “Human Right”…… the old key words. For me, it can not be common than this. I’m not a news analyst, and do not care much about the polity. The words from Premier Wen impressed me much: Even the most minimum problem, you have to make it 1.3 Billion times bigger when you put it in China. Also, even for the largest investment, you have to divide into 1.3 Billion pieces in China. It’s none of my business to judge right or wrong on this event. And it’s absolutely puerile and being irresponsible for judging, simply base on the value concept formed in the island with only 8 million populations. To the government, I put no hope, naturalness, there won’t be disappointed. Thanks for the VPN technology.

Different from the earlier “Skype Event”, it contained more business benefit reason behind. China Telecom must be sham on it. It can be seem as a competition between two companies. And the government, they’re doing the same things as the other governments in other country will do while facing such instance. They acted as supporter. “Skype Event” is much more ordinary than this chess rivalry between Google and the government, between faith and benefit, between culture and market, and between the different opinions or usage to the internet. Keso blogged the post and issue his points.

Google is not an organization something like moral defender, new rules explorer, new age hero, or a human rights fighter. The U.S government has argued for it for more than 30 years. What would you expect Google could achieve? Google, is just nothing more than a company, and youthful. And its aims are nothing ordinary than profit and marketing. It created many new notions in business model and giant imagine in technology. You can even say it re identified the internet. And it has to follow some rules at the same time. No matter we hoped too much above Google, or Google carries too much itself. From the first day I hold the stock, I should position it on a proper place. But we didn’t. Drop down your overload expectation, revert the role what Google should be. It may make you feeling better. Google re identifies the internet, but it’s time for you to re identify Google.

Google is not Evil, While nor God.

Google evil scale, a page in google style.

Update: 2006-02-08
Google announced an official statement about the even on google blog.

February 07, 2006

Prisoner's dilemma

Prisoner's dilemma, in Game Theory, is a type of Non Zero SUM Game in which two players try to get rewards from a banker by cooperating with or betraying the other player.

In which two players try to get rewards from a banker by cooperating with or betraying the other player. In this game, as in many others, it is assumed that the primary concern of each individual player ("prisoner") is self-regarding; i.e., trying to maximise his own advantage, with less concern for the well-being of the other players.

First, it identifies the natural purposes of game. Let’s think about the “negotiation”, a familiar concept we talk about here and there, actually it’s a form of extrinsic behaviors of the game. But so not much people understand what is an effective negotiation means. Some think negotiation means speaking out what you want to say, and encourage other to speak out theirs. A better answer will be to know what other wants and bring out what I want. These must be rockets. They believe “negotiation” is a processing, but in fact, it’s a purpose. Achieve the target is the essential the game, and negotiation. It’s nothing to be negotiated and no need to game if you didn’t have a clear and specific purpose at the very beginning. We all admit that we do something for purpose, but we usually forget what our targets are, during the course. Then makes “negotiation” convert into “conversation”; or “Chat” if you planned to do negotiate on MSN. “Negotiation” means the way in which you get what you want and let others do what you want them to do. Yes, thought about negotiator, what is Roman's target? To rescue the hostage, that's all what he want. So he chats with the hijacker in order to distract him from the hostage, then shootes on him. This is a successful negotiation, sometimes the crucial factors ain't sentences but actions.

It can be point out clearly, now only the behaviors contain the competition or the antagonism archery target behavior lead to game behaviors. The parties joined in the game take on different purpose or benefits with one and each others. Game theory studies decisions that are made in an environment where various players interact. In other words, game theory studies choice of optimal behavior when costs and benefits of each option are not fixed, but depend upon the choices of other individuals. Yes, in this term, we play games every moment, in every where. Game Theory is just the mathematics theory and technique that studies strategic situations where players choose different actions in an attempt to maximize their returns.

In the prisoner's dilemma, cooperating is strictly dominated by defecting, so the only possible equilibrium for the game is for all players to defect. In simpler terms, no matter what the other player does, one player will always get a greater payoff by playing defect. Since in any situation playing defect is more beneficial than cooperating, all rational players will play defect.

In any kind of the game, no matter what the strategy other player choose, if a player still have a better strategy to choose for a better payment, then we have to say the strategy he chose is Strictly Inferior. Because he made violation for the fundamental purpose of the game, to maximize his individual returns in playing the game, as we talked earlier before. A rational player will never choose a Strictly Inferior strategy. In prisoner's dilemma, defecting makes cooperating being a Strictly Inferior strategy. So the only possible equilibrium for the game is for all players to defect. In simpler terms, no matter what the other player does, one player will always get a greater payoff by playing defect. Since in any situation playing defect is more beneficial than cooperating, all rational players will play defect. The unique equilibrium for this game does not lead to a Pareto-optimal solution, which means all player involved in the game will play defect.

Let me explain a little more detail here. There’s conflict exist between the TOTAL REWARDS and PERSONAL REWARDS while choosing a cooperating or defecting solution. In a both side cooperating solution, the may maximize their total rewards, but the point is it’s not an averagely allocation for every single player. Thought we mentioned the concept of “Strictly Inferior”, which make players defecting so that he received a greater payment from it. And if you integrate psychology into our game theory, an unbalanced allocation is the root of defecting. People care about how much the other gets, more than how much he has been paid actually.

We assume the total reward goes to be 10 in this cooperating solution, and then we suppose the allocation proportion goes to be an unequal 4:6. Then the player paid 4 would choose to defect, maybe 5 for his defecting. On the opposite side, the player had paid 6 now lose partial benefits because of being defected by the other; a frequently used parameter for this “Being Defected Publish” is 0/1.

The unique equilibrium for this game does not lead to a Pareto-optimal solution. That is, when two rational players both play defect even though the total reward (the sum of the reward received by the two players) would be greater if they both played cooperate. In equilibrium, each prisoner chooses to defect even though both would be better off by cooperating. This is the dilemma.

Under this circumstance, TOTAL REWARDS become less, but it’s nothing important in the game. The importance is the one play defecting gains more rewards than playing cooperating. When both sides comprehend they can gain more by playing defecting but not cooperating, they will all play defecting. That’s why in the prisoner's dilemma, cooperating is strictly dominated by defecting. The ultimately purpose in the game is trying to maximize individual benefit, but absolutely not to maximize the SUM.

In the iterated prisoner's dilemma the game is played repeatedly. Thus each player has an opportunity to "punish" the other player for previous non-cooperative play. Cooperation may then arise as an equilibrium outcome. The incentive to cheat may then be overcome by the threat of punishment, leading to the possibility of a cooperative outcome. As the number of iterations approaches infinity, the Nash equilibrium tends to the Pareto optimum.

Am I just talking about a 1+1=2 equation?

It could be because defect seems to be the only choose unless the game will be kept recycle again and again. You defect once; others would “pay you back” in the next round. Of both you two keep defecting each other all the rounds, you both minimize your SUM rewords, and you lose the game.

Who Flop in Web2.0

Being a third party independency or integrated into Big Bands in Web 2.0 A Web2.0 competition? A Web2.0 Companies Wide Sight from Steve Rubel, let's guess which of these social companies which built with Ajax and whose business model is dependent on advertising, will flop or be dumbest in the up coming 2006.

According to my competition views, which I'd hope to write about later. Technologies such as using CSS, or Alax, or Table on website and amazing ideas, are just far from companies' development or keep alive. All of them were great companies with good idea and technique, but they flopped. It ain't a well-thought-of company, even being even damned by others, but it's still on their road. On this level, Web2.0 may not be a main reason but tactics in competition acts the certain role, as there in other biz field.

How you identify the Web2.0 Online service make this break. What is a expecting Web2.0 Internet for you? It means a totally packaged service solution provided by one Big Bands, or distributed services on hundreds of single sites for you to customize your own service suite? And what the companies think of themselves? From the Big Bands sight, a conformation service will be main furture of a Web2.0 internet, by self development, by acquisition, or how about some kinds of OEM? No matter what's the modality they will use, a ONE WEB2.0 Internet, ONE YAhoO / ONE GooGLE is what they're thinking aoubt. I'm not implying there won't be another Google or something, guessing who flops, so we need to find out who lives longer than others. From this point, it maybe better to ask "Which of Them will be chosen by Yahoo next?" Yes, I love feedburner, and one of them will act as feedburner. And if you think about the rest of aliving space after allocated between the Big Bands. Will the companies choose to be Achilles or member of Arthur's knight team?

February 06, 2006

Yahoo Conforming it's Web2.0 SuperSuite

After del.icio.us and flickr, public are guessing what is Yahoo's next acquisition target to conform it's Web2.0 Super Suit. And now there's rumor that Yahoo Will Buy Digg.

If Digg continues on this pace they're going to need Yahoo's help scaling the site as hardware alone should become a major expense. With Delicious, Digg, Flickr and related services, Yahoo seems willing to do whatever it takes to 'own' Web 2.0.
Though Digg blog officially denies this acquisition. I still believe yahoo will keep on conforming it's Web2.0 Super Suit by acquisition. Yet there're still other players providing familar services as Digg, such as Reddit, and TailRank. Further more, I don't think that Digg, a new site and still using Googel adsence as one of their incoming sources, would really deny Yahoo's acquisition, all they posted on blog are just negotiation artifice for a better sales price. It's not so interested for a deeper researching.

For the Web2.0 leading competition between Yahoo and Google may attract more. They're both conforming it's own Web2.0 SuperSuite to look for winning the standard establishment station. It seems Yahoo leads the race before Google, but Yahoo conform resources by acquisition should put in consideration. And Google make the suite mostly based on development (Google Lab) and confederation (Firefox). And we used to hear about Google fans but seldom about Yahoo fans. HoHO, It's still a fifthty and fifthty gambling for both site.

In conclusion, the users would always be the last winner, they could continue uploading pics to flickr then publish by blogger, then tag it by del.icio.us or digging on digg, and others will search by Google or Yahoo again. What a Web2.0 internet.

All about the Years, Early Days in S21

Yah, time is limited, and I have to speed up this track record for the old memories. I delayed several days at home to finish this, and it has to be done because memories are assets that increase its value as the time goes by, but easy to lose if you don’t mark it down. By the other side, and it has to be finished soon too, because man doesn’t live in memories. We’re live in current, expecting for the future, and enjoying in our memory collections.

The early days in S21 may be the most importance in my last 25 years. It changed me much. I admit I a person with planning, everything should be under management, or I would feel frailest. Confirmation, yes, tag of my life. I nurtured this habit, because too much in life is out of what you planned before. Unimaginable situation come into your handling any time, such as my trip to S21. I don’t remember why I chose for it, maybe I’ve never thought about why not. I like that city when I’m so young, but it’s regretful I hate there right now. I didn’t plan what exactly I will get there, and what I may meet there. The only thing I planned before I go through the boarding gate is planning to stay about half of year, and I come back my hometown after 2 year later. Anything else? Just follow the stream of destiny. My friends think I get successful in S21, I agree with them mostly. But what I want to explain is I’ve never image of this. No planning, no expecting and even no courage because I know nothing to scare, is contained in it. I setup the G20 branch and a steady-going around 50,000 sales for the company that time. I personally wage is 2,200 for last 6 months, but will be soon nearly 1,800 per month, I guess for it of course. If I went to S21, the totally unpredictable place, I may lose what I shall get. I point out this opportunity cost calculation just by now. But at that time, I made the decision no longer than 15 seconds, and then I was paid 22,000 after three months later. Thing is just unlikely to be such hard as you think. Yes, the most valuable experience I learned from it, and I have to say it’s a beta carving out, and a gift from destiny. Something I learned, some guys I met should be logged down for this amazing journey.

What I brought with me to fund new branch company in S21?
So many friends ask for this question. Ok. 15,000 cash, my IBM i1900 series desktop and a big traveling case with full of clothing and a package of disks, these were all I brought to S21. Ah, and one air tickets. Cash had been spent out the third week I had been there. I don’t remember where the big traveling case is now. And I have changed my notebook to a new X40 series one year ago. This post maybe this only thing let me think of the days. Those tough days seem unworthily to be mentioned now. It proves the words once more, the good would pass, so as the bad. It’s nothing to be surprised my cash dried up not long I arrived S21, most for the rent. We used to pay a month than plus another for mortgaging, yet in S21, they pay 3 months once than plus another more for mortgaging. So if something I would tell you here, figure out the renting custom of your target region if you plan to do the same thing as I did. Otherwise, you may starve to death. The tenth day was my 23 birthday, I brought a snack cost 5, finished the meal in 5 minutes, and then went back to work. The headquarters in S755 noticed the mistake of the budget, but they kept silence. Now that they didn’t give me any assistance, I won’t beg for it either, that’s me. So, I had to make the first deal, and receive the payment as quickly as I can.

How I got my first incoming payment in S21?
We contacted several clients before my arriving, so I contacted them as soon as I move in the new company. My first customer was a faltering guy who came to me few times for consultation, but still kept his payment. I realized I’d to give him a push, or he may keep his enquiry for whole year. Sometimes, you have to make decisions for the customers. I phoned him to make a break through, and straightly asked him to take money to my company next day. That’s all, the next day; I received the first part of payment. I phoned all of my fellows about this that night. And my company, just like Forrest Gump’s shrimp ship, started to be lucky. I remitted 100,000 back for the headquarters a months later; afterward I knew that it was the 100,000 saving the headquarters from crisis.

I slept well twice in the period.
One of my best friend in college, Anyoo; he went to S21 after his graduate. I had time to ask him out for dinner after the branch got in the path. Actually I don’t remember what I talked with him that night, no more than keep repining I believe. We drank some beer on the table, and then I slept beside the dishes. I found it out when Anyoo woke me up by gingerly touching my hand. Ah, I knew I had been tired. If I knew that’s the last time I meet him in these 3 years, I would never gone to sleep or no more whine in our conversation. I miss this brother; I could find mercy from his eyes. No matter how strong a man could be, he has a weak moment. So there’s nothing to be afraid of my competitor, all I have to find out are the moment and the places which make it being weaker. The other time is my mom came to the city for biz trip. I had a good dream in her hotel room. Such a good dream I ever have, whiling sleeping with my mother.

Money would not take me to the top of life, but achievement does.
The most unforgettable scene presented in Jan. 2004. From late Nov. 2003 through the year to early Jan. 2004 must be nightmare and darkest time for the ZZIE candidate. A new version of laboratory testing theme made hundred of them failed at the first attempt, which cost more than $1,250 once. About 5 candidate trained by me failed either. There wasn’t a single night for me to sleep well at that moment. I went back to S755 to synchronistic the solutions with the engineers in headquarters, and brought back for my players, but the result seemed I was doing useless. I decided to give up all the pre solutions and tested myself. I designed a totally crazy solution for the next player, and I asked him to choose which to be provided in the real lab examination. He chose mine. I waited for the result online at the night he took the exam. I remembered clearly that he passed at his first attempt, by my solution that night at 3:30 am. Yeah, he must gonna be the first one who passed and got certification in this version by the first attempt all over the world. You can’t image how exciting I’m that night. I went out alone, brought some bottles of beer, and drank on the street. Every time I think about this, I still can repeat that frame of mind at the moment even now. Now, the professor had changed his job to be a HP consultant.

How about my 3,000/month and 2,000/month rented house? I lived in where I worked in the early days. But I had to find somewhere new, because Nicole my current girlfriend came to live with me after the New Year festival 2004. I rented a house near my company with no more than 50 square meters and cost 3,000/month. It’s a high class mansion in the city. A really nice house contained much of my braw memories. I moved out from there after I leave my company, and rented a cheaper house because I couldn’t afford the rent which increased up to 3,300 at that time. A Korean moved in. Nicole was an insurance broker earned no more than 1,000 per month but she still could not find enough time to have a rest. So, after we moved in the new house, I started to help her with some house keeping work and decide to lead a simple life. Yes, I really meant life. I used to believe I would have a good life after being rich. I didn’t look the days in the branch as part of my life, I always thought that was a temporary period, and my life would begin since……the company be built up? But it has been built up, and it had already been the leader in the region. Since when? I have no idea because I didn’t understand that was no way of a temporary period but just was the life of mine, the life I chose. No matter what you’re doing, you must wake up that is your life, and try to find funs in it to make it an enjoyable life. Never think about how I will covert into after this. I am what I am. Face to it and plan for it. Even I spent more time sitting on the sofa than going outside for biz in 2005. I burn my life every single second, make it blooming as the fireworks.

Glory and disgrace I had got become the memories I treasure up. As the song sings, where the destiny will lead me to, will the next stop be good or will be bad; the answer is blowin’ in the wind. I just coordinate all the passed memories, then keep my walking and prepare for justice of the future road.
How many roads must a man walk down before they call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand?
How many times must the canon balls fly before they're forever banned?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

How many years must a mountain exist before it is washed to the sea?
How many years can some people exist before they're allowed to be free?
How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky?
How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry?
How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Whatever You Dream, Keep Walking

7 simple steps to grow your fortune

Financing has become the most popular researching field in last 3 or 4 years. In my opinion, it sprinted up by the time when "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is published. If you don't take good care of you money, they won't take care about you back. Credit Review provided some suggestions here.

Who doesn't want to have more money? Most everyone it seems! Just look at their spending and borrowing habits. Clearly these people want to be poor. They think poor. They act poor. They’re comfortable being poor. They've made the decision to value their lifestyle over and above their financial and personal well being. And who can blame them? Saving and growing money is hard.
I’d love to highlight the first step and the last.
Cut the Starbucks. &. Choose a less consumer-centric lifestyle.

Starbucks seems to be so pop in the State. I think the author want to point out actually is the peacock hunting habits of the people. You hanker for a higher quality life, that’s right except you keep on doing it. I need 5 or 6, maybe more cups of coffee each day, and I believe there’s more kinds of coffee that taste better than Starbucks’. I drank it once and it sucks. I’m not animadverting on the pricing police of Starbucks’, and truly, it’s far away from being the most expensive coffee in the world. I agree deeply with the last step to choose a less consumer-centric lifestyle, and then lead a simple life. Why you like to the “Starbucks”? You love the coffee there really? It’s unlikely the real reason. You went there because others went there too. You just lead your life in other’s value conception, that funded by Starbucks. They told people coffee should be drink in coffee-shop, and only the coffee marked with “Starbucks” is qualified with the guys who you are or who you dream to be. The “Starbucks” build up every day, and you have to keep upgrading your taste and spending more. And you’re told by others that you should pay for it. I don’t think you like enthrallment, but I’m sorry to say most of our life habits make us a slave and money machine. You need to figure it out or you cannot find the real life of your own. There’s always a better one comes out, just like you can easily seek a girl who is prettier than the girlfriend you have.

But, satisfy with what you have
makes your fortunebut not demanding for what you didn’t.

So don’t let the dick command on the brain.

Ho, What I must do every morning, is cook 2 or 3 cups of Nescafe pure coffee and light a ciggy, it’s the greatest feast of life for me.

You could find other valuable suggestion on the original.
1. Cut the Starbucks.
2. Follow the 5% rule.
3. Don't be fooled by "deals."
4. Use Credit Cards as a form of Payment, not Credit.
5. Open a high yield online savings account.
6. Save before you pay your bills.
7. Choose a less consumer-centric lifestyle.

February 05, 2006

Remove NavBar and Keep Blog Searching

Blogger Template posted a tips to remove the Blogger NavBar on the top of the blog which really makes me feeling oppression. To hide the Blogger NavBar, just paste the code between "style" tags that can be easily found near the top of your template source:

<style type="text/css">

#b-navbar {


I make the same action and as you see, it has gone! And I can even feel the fresh air are breathing into my blog now, could you? Yet, I miss the NavBar since it provide a search function tab for my blog, and it performed much better and more accurate than sitesearch did. I'm just thinking of reserving this for my blog. So I customize the NavBar and re-put it into the blog template, as it can be seen on the slide bar. Try to use the "Search CetaMac'S" box, isn't the searching result just as what NavBar used to be? Yup, insert the following script into yours. Don't forget to change the value "cetamac.blogspot.com" into the address of your blog.

<!-- BlogSearch Google -->
<a href="http://search.blogger.com/"><img src="http://www.google.com/logos/Logo_25wht.gif" border="0" alt="Google"></img></a><br/>
<form action="http://search.blogger.com/" target="_blank" />
<input type="hidden" name="ie" value="UTF-8" /></input>
<input type="hidden" name="ui" value="blg" /></input>
<input type="hidden" name="bl_url" value="cetamac.blogspot.com" /></input>
<input type="text" maxLength="255" size="15" id="b-query" name="as_q" /></input><br />
<input type=submit value="Search"></input></form>
<!-- BlogSearch Google -->